The features that you get from e-commerce templates determine the type of site that you can create from them. Often, the best templates are the ones that have numerous features and outstanding design and style. However, not all website themes have all the features that you might need for your e-commerce. However, there are 5 crucial elements that you should look out for in any template that you choose to use for the creation of your e-commerce.

1. Product page

What would be the use of e-commerce that does not have a place list your products? Products pages are the number one factor of consideration in your search for the best website theme. As such, any templates that are commerce-focused should have unique product pages.

2. Gallery pages

For your e-commerce to appear great, you need to have all your images displayed in an exciting manner taking consideration of the need to include full-bleed photos. For e-commerce, the gallery pages matter most since your visitors need to view the images of all the products that you have in stock. As such, get a template that will give you the best gallery pages. You can use the demos to rule out the designs of the gallery pages according to your needs.

3. Index pages

The index pages functionality helps in the organization of galleries and any other pages in your site through the use of thumbnail images. Different templates offer this in the form of images’ grid, while others present it as a series of banner images that scroll one after the other. Index pages provide a pleasant way of presenting your information and portfolio to the world. If the index pages are not available, look out for the summary block, they have similar functions.

4. Social icons

The ability to integrate your site with your social media platforms is a great marketing strategy. Such functionality ensures that you can engage easily with potential customers on different social media sites. However, various e-commerce templates have different design and location of social icons; choose the design that gives your site the best appearance.

5. Footers, sidebars, and navigation

Before you select any template, check out its footers, sidebars, and navigation features. You need to create a website with simple navigation to ensure that your visitors have an easy time moving around your site. Secondly, not all templates support sidebars and footers. As such, you need to take time to search for the e-commerce templates that give you the sidebars, footers, and navigation of your choice.