The feeling that comes with the decision to create an e-commerce is great, but the entire process might be challenging. One of the challenging parts is where you have to hire someone to build the site for you if you are not tech savvy. Often, web developing is expensive and can cost you a fortune. However, if you are starting out, using the free e-commerce templates can save you a great deal of time and money.

Here are 5 e-commerce templates that you can think of, and ones which will require no advanced technical knowledge to craft a striking e-commerce store.

1.Mattress template

The mattress is a great e-commerce template especially for stores for furniture and home décor.  It comes with great options and features for use in displaying perfect images for your products, as well as ensures that your products’ details are captured. All these are possible through its minimalistic approach and give you enough space to cater for all your products’ description, and pictures.

2.Fashion Mania

If you are running a fashion store, this is the best website template for you. You can easily display your products strategically to draw the attention of the shoppers. Also, the template is mobile-friendly implying that your visitors can comfortably view your products, as well as shop using their mobile devices.

3. E-Shop

The E-Shop is one of the best templates for websites that combines numerous features with excellent functionality to create an outstanding store. It embraces the use of CSS, HTML5, as well as Bootstrap to ensure that you develop a great store. Also, its product pages are dynamic, the sidebars are interactive, and the sliders are unique. Such features are suitable for clothing or an accessories store.

4. Tyche

One of the best features of Tyche is that it is compatible with WordPress plugins which imply that you can get your site up and running in no time. This template comes with a live demo that not only shows you how to go about the design process but also gives you a clear picture of what you expect at the end of the development. Also, it has a responsive design that allows you to create a great store.


The N-Air template is best for a store selling shoes. The design of the first page is great and suitable for the promotion of the best product to catch the attention of visitors to your site. Additionally, N-Air features listing pages and product sales pages and has slider features on these pages to enable customers to zoom the images at will.