How to create a successful online store website?

In the last decade, the number of online stores has increased dramatically. This makes sense because making an eCommerce website today is very easy. You can build an online business in a matter of days without breaking the bank. For instance, you can use a cost-affordable eCommerce platform like Shopify to create your online store website even if you don’t have any coding or designing knowledge. Building an online store is easy, but making it visible to your target audience is a different thing.

As you are probably aware, once your eCommerce website is up and running, you will have to look for buyers. When we compare these stores to traditional land-based stores, we will notice that location doesn’t play the same role. In fact, there’s no physical location for your online store except for the web address, but it’s quite difficult for a person to find your store simply by guessing the name of your business in the search bar. If you want to get potential clients to your website, you must be active. You have to find for more than one way to attract web traffic to your site. Obviously, search engines play a very important role here, but you shouldn’t depend only on them when it comes to web traffic.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of things that can help you create a successful online store site.

1. Create attractive product descriptions

Product descriptions for products sold online are even more important than the ones used for products which are sold in brick and mortar stores. As a seller, you must provide detailed information about the product and use as many keywords as you can. If you provide all the information customers might have, you will not have to respond to their email messages frequently. Needless to say, these descriptions must be accurate.

Create attractive product descriptions

2. Focus on the visual side

In addition to text, online buyers are expecting photos or even videos in some cases. This is natural because we can’t touch the products that we are interested in when we are shopping online. So, as a seller, you have to provide a few pictures of the item taken from different angles. It’s good to hire a professional photographer for this purpose, but it’s possible to take good photos on your own by following the basic rules of commercial photography. Once again, we have to point out that even the images have to be realistic. After all, if the product you are selling is not the same as the one presented on the photos, many customers will request a refund and your business will suffer.

3. Use a search box

Another useful thing that you should add to your eCommerce website is a search box. This is especially true when it comes to sites that have multiple products in their offer. Most customers know what they want and they don’t want to browse your website – they want to find what they are looking for right away. With an optimized search function, it will take just a few seconds to find the page of the product that they are interested in.

4. Include categories

Even if you are running a relatively simple online store, you should include a few categories/pages on your site. Don’t place everything on one page because customers will find your website difficult to navigate. For example, if you are selling clothes, you can organize your eCommerce site into categories like women, men, kids, etc. You can also use subcategories for the products in case you have an offer which includes dozens of products. In the case of a store that offers clothes, you can create subcategories like shoes, t-shirts, coats, etc.

5. Simplify the checkout process

One of the main reasons why people are using the Internet to buy things is convenience. They want to finish this process as fast as possible. So, when you are building an online store, make sure that the checkout process is simple. It would be great if you allow them to buy things even if they are unregistered users. Don’t force them to create accounts. In case you want to get more registered users, promise some sort of incentive for registered users like discounts or freebies.

6. Invest in SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is something that you have to invest money and time in when you are managing a store website. One of the things that you can do to improve SEO is to share new content and update the existing one. Of course, you also have to use keywords and keyword phrases to make your website more visible on the search engines. Remember that there is off-page SEO which is very important too.

7. Provide more than one payment option

Modern online customers are using different payment methods to process their purchases. According to many experts, credit and debit cards are a must as a payment method, but it would be even better if you include more payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, Google Checkout and other options. It’s worth mentioning that some online stores are accepting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin too.

8. Allow product reviews

This is another thing that will have an impact on your sales. You should allow product reviews that can be written by registered users. This is a nice way to promote your products and to let the customers share their opinion with potential customers. Many online store sites are offering incentives to encourage buyers to write reviews.

9. Add a comparison feature

Finally, if your store website has multiple similar products, you can add a comparison feature which will make it easier for buyers to make a decision. For example, if you are selling shoes, you can create a comparison feature where potential buyers can check the materials and features of different shoes.

Hopefully, this short guide will help you build a successful online store. Don’t forget that being successful online means being proactive.